PLC Automation Contributes Effectively to Manufacturing Processes

simatic-et200m-im153-4-pnEveryone knows that we use a lot of abbreviations and acronyms to describe objects, applications, and tasks. This is especially true in engineering and manufacturing automation. In some cases the acronym is used to show how much we know about the subject at hand. In other cases I think it is because the words that the acronym stands for seem very long and when used often take a longer time to spit out. I think this is the case for “PLC” which stands for “programmable logic controller”. This name describes a computer processing unit that can be programmed in various ways to control the manufacturing devices that are attached to it. It is a lot easier to say PLC than all that stuff for which it stands. Just know that the term PLC is used a great number of times when discussing the parts that make up a manufacturing automation system. It is the controller of all the tasks that are done by other devices that are attached to the PLC. It is the brain that makes the automation of manufacturing happen. [Read more…]