Engines and Compressors

Our team is fully specialized in supply of engineering services, new equipment and remote
performance analysis systems involving reciprocating and centrifugal compressor-units
and generator-sets.

Our long-standing experience in after-market support of gas-engines, compressors
& turbines throughout remote territories such as Africa, Central Asia, Russia & the
Middle East offers a strong base for perfectly understanding operational requirements to
guarantee reliable operation.

Industrial Control – EU is actively involved in projects in the following sectors:

  • gas compression & gas treatment
  • power generation

some projects in which our team of highly experienced engineers has been
involved in:

  • new compressor units design (including portable solutions)
  • process systems design
  • re-engineering of existing equipment for new applications
  • retrofitting & modernizing existing equipment

Industrial Control takes full project responsibility, executes the necessary audits and critical
design reviews & ensures the package(s) performs to it’s potential & meets the
certification requirements & specifications of the area where it is to be installed.

Our Gas Compressors & Engines team specializes in

  • Driven equipment: reciprocating, rotary screw, rotary vane and centrifugal
    compressors & generators, auxiliary, automation & distribution systems.
  • Drivers: Gas Turbines & Diesel and Gas reciprocating engines

Typical reciprocating/ rotary screw/ rotary vane compressor scope of supply
would include:

 Compressor
 Electric or gas engine driver
 Coupling with removable guard
 Heavy duty steel base skid
 Pulsation vessels if/as required
 Inlet, interstage and discharge scrubbers if/as required
 Process piping & valves
 Gas engine auxiliary systems if /as required
 Gas cooling system + compressor cooling system if required
 Environmental modular enclosure including lighting, ventilation, fire and gas
detection systems, fire suppression system
 PLC based automatic control system
 Electrical switch gear cabinets
 Instrumentation & remote performance analysis systems
 Service platforms

Typical centrifugal compressor scope of supply would include:
 Compressor
 Electric motor or gas turbine driver
 Gearbox
 Compressor lube oil system
 Compressor buffer gas treatment system
 Compressor separation gas system
 Compressor surge protection system
 Turbine driver noise canceling module
 Turbine driver air intake system
 Turbine driver cooling/exhaust and lube system
 Fuel gas treatment system
 Gearbox cooling system
 Process piping & process valves
 Instrumentation & remote performance analysis systems
 Easy-to-Assemble shelter including lighting, ventilation systems
 Unit firefighting and gas detection systems
 Control and electrical switch gear systems module (separate module)
 Service platforms

Our team provides parts, field service, shop repairs and upgrades for all of the famous engine and compressor brands shown below

  • AJAX
  • TSI
  • CAT