Siemens Simatic HMI

Suited for Every Industrial Application

A finely graded range of HMI devices is available for local operator control and monitoring: From Key Panels and Basic Panels to Comfort Panels and Mobile Panels.

HMI devices with all-round IP65/NEMA 4 protection for distributed configurations are available for applications with especially high requirements with regard to ruggedness.

Simatic Key HMI Panels

Key Panels (KP) are the innovative alternative to conventionally wired operator keypads. Supplied pre-assembled and ready for installation, the bus-compatible operator panels are the key to drastically reducing wiring times when compared with conventional methods, plus it uses heat shrink wrap to fully protect the panels.

Simatic Basic HMI Panels

The 2nd generation Basic Panels offer basic HMI functionality for small machines and applications. The device family offers panels with 4″, 7″, 9″ and 12″ high-resolution widescreen displays, as well as combined key and touch operation. Variants can be selected for connection to PROFINET/Ethernet or PROFIBUS DP/MPI.

1st generation devices remain available in parallel with the 2nd generation Basic Panels.

Simatic Comfort HMI Panels

Comfort Panels offer high-end functionality for demanding applications. They offer high-resolution widescreen displays in sizes from 4″ to 22″, alternatively for touch screen operation (TP) or key operation (KP). In size 4″ also with touch screen and additional keys (KTP).

The Comfort Panels are equipped with PROFINET/Ethernet as well as PROFIBUS DP/MPI interfaces.

Simatic Mobile HMI Panels

The portable operator panels facilitate operator control and monitoring at the actual scene of the event with direct access and visual contact to the process. They provide simple and safe reconnection during operation (Mobile Panel 177 and Mobile Panel 277) or wireless freedom (Mobile Panel 277 (F) IWLAN) and can therefore be used flexibly on a machine or system.