About us

Industrial Control is a brand of SectorMetric ltd based in E.U. and it’s field of activity is the supply of industrial automation equipment and systems, installation and commissioning of sold equipment, technical support, application development and SCADA maintenance on site or remotely.


We are a team of engineers with over 15 years of experience in industrial automation,  oil and gas , refineries , offshore drilling. Most of our projects are dedicated to the Oil and Gas sector. Our line of products include , but it’s not limited to:

  • Pelco and Hernis CCTV Ex Proof camera systems – parts and repairs
  • Flow and level measurement for marine , Oil and Gas industries
  • Atex Display Panels (Beka), HMI panels for NOV and Cameron Drilling Systems
  • CAMERON X-COM  – Ontrack drilling system parts and repairs
  • NOV Amphion parts and repairs > upgrades and software updates.
  • NOV CyberBase spare parts > upgrades and software updates.
  • ABB – motors , drives and inverters of any size with short delivery time
  • Siemens – Automation and Drives / PLC / HMI / Motors and Inverters

We are also offering our customers a wide range of marine and offshore cables for use is harsh environments , mud resistant cables , flame retardant cables for extreme applications.

We offer complete solutions for industrial clients from simple systems for measuring flow and level up to upgrading existing systems, applications development WinCC or Wonderware InTouch SCADA, Siemens Step 7 programming using NI LabView. All projects developed are based on 100% satisfying customer requirements, quality, and cost effective.

Currently, Industrial Control operates a stock of over 3,4 million components and spare parts for industrial equipment (modules PLC, HMI touchscreens, hydraulic and pneumatic valves, measuring cell weight, encoders, pressure sensors or level, etc. ) We can provide quotations for same day delivery in max 48 hours for existing products in stock in the European Union.

The year 2013 has brought us a partnership with the Norwegian company Hernis, the largest producer of surveillance systems ATEX maritime and offshore industry. Over 19 projects have been completed by the end of the partnership for different companies in Romania and the Middle East.

2014 has arrived with a new partnership, this time with the company RomVega official distributor of Vega Controls UK.
More details here.

Also in 2014 we signed a distribution agreement with DeltaLogic to ship products for Eastern Europe including Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia Ucrania. DeltaLogic products are aimed at users and developers frequently using Siemens Simatic S7 software.

During 2017 and 2018 we have supplied more than 30.000 spare parts for oil and gas rigs all over the world including automated jack-up rigs based on NOV Cyberbase / Amphion or Cameron X-COM systems. We supply from our own stock encoders, joysticks, HMI panels, touchpanels, BOP control systems, shale shakers control systems, etc.

We are also able to provide service engineers for commissioning and troubleshooting, rig reactivation or control systems and instrumentation inspection & survey before contract.

Our product portfolio now includes distributed generation and test Profibus adapters S7 PLC systems and “remote maintenance” S7 allowing access, remote monitoring and diagnostics of industrial equipment.

The main fields of activity covered by our company are:

  • industrial automation equipment distribution PLC, HMI, sensors, transducers, encoders
  • installation and commissioning at the customer’s request for products marketed certified team of technicians and engineers
  • software development and integration process control (SCADA) using or WinCC Intouch
  • Development and installation of systems for measuring and monitoring equipment level, flow, pressure, density
  • industrial equipment repairs for a fixed price, offer in 24 hours
  • supply spare parts within 24 hours from our own stock or the stock of deposits in the UK and our Germany partners
  • marketing, installation and commissioning video surveillance systems for potentially explosive areas
  • installation and technical support services remotely (remote maintenance & support) for industrial automation (process control monitoring, diagnosis, prevention disaster, reducing downtime)
  • consulting and development control panels AC and DC electric motors, hydraulic fluid pump control, pump control drilling mud
  • calibration and recalibration according to legislative requirements, certification and recertification of measurement and control – Instrumentation