We are a full specialist supplier within service, test and commissioning of drilling control systems, ,PLC, HMI, and software .

nov amphion and cameron x-com driller cabin
NOV Amphion and Cameron X-COM control chairs inside Driller Control Room

We are an experienced supplier of service and competence within drilling control systems, human machine interface, and software. We can provide service, re-certification, installation & testing, commissioning, upgrades & modifications, parts, and technical support on your drilling control system and software.

Our sought after specialist control system engineers typically have their background from drilling equipment OEMs, holds the highest level of training, certifications, education, and we deliver services of the highest quality. The service rate level for control system engineers from our company can lead to considerable cost savings for your rig compared to going through OEM.


  • Cyberbase integrated operating system
  • Drillview integrated operating system
  • Amphion integrated operating system
  • Cameron X-COM Drilling System
  • Cameron / TTS OnTrack Drilling System
  • Machine Control Systems
  • Control Rooms and Cabins
  • CCTV (Hernis 400, 500, Pelco )
  • Diagnostics and Logging systems
  • Anti-Collision Systems (ZMS)
  • Machine Control Interface
  • Multi machine control
  • PLCs (Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi)
  • Sensors and encoders
  • PCs and servers for drilling control
  • Operator chairs, joysticks and touch screens
  • Electrical systems

Drilling Control System service and support

  • NOV drilling packages integrated control
  • MHWirth/Aker drilling packages Integrated control
  • Top drive / DDM machine control
  • Hydratong / Roughneck machine control
  • Pipehandler cranes control
  • BOP handling control systems
  • Work baskets machine control
  • Mud pump control systems
  • Drawworks control systems
  • Catwalk machine control systems
  • Compensator and riser tensioner control system
  • Pipe handler, pipe racker, hydraracker and PRS machine control system
  • Control systems for offshore cranes, subsea cranes and deck cranes
  • Control systems for winches

We supply control system service compatible with the following equipment makers and trademarks:

Cameron (TTS – Schlumberger) , National Oilwell Varco (NOV), MHWirth, Aker, National, Hydralift, Wirth, Cyberbase, Drillview, X-COM and others.

Industrial Control is an independent supplier of drilling equipment parts. Industrual Control is neither a licensee, nor is affiliated with any of the named original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

The manufacturer’s names, equipment names, or trademarks used herein are solely for identification purposes, and are not intended by Industrial Control to cause confusion as to the source, sponsorship, or quality of the parts supplied by Industrial Control.