Siemens Simatic S7 PLC


SIMATIC S7 – global benchmark for modular PLC controllers

SIMATIC S7 is synonymous with innovation and quality in the field of PLC equipment and due to decades of experience, SIMATIC S7 systems have reached a level of safety and unbeatable level of quality, resulting in products that are modular, expandable, vibration resistant, which have high scalability and require low to no maintenance.


SIMATIC S7 – 300: Universal modularity for the Automation Industry

The SIMATIC S7-300 universal controller is specially designed for innovative system solutions in the manufacturing industry, especially automotive and packaging.

This modular PLC serves as a universal automation system ideal for centralized and decentralized configurations. Security technologies and motion control standard automation can be integrated with this universal controller.

SIMATIC S7-300 universal controllers save installation space and feature a modular design. A variety of modules can be used to extend the system to create centralized or decentralized structures according to the load.


SIMATIC S7-400 Process Controller – a powerful solution

Part of the SIMATIC process controller series, the S7-400 has been designed for system solutions in the fields of manufacturing and process automation.

This process controller is ideal for data-intensive tasks that are especially typical for the process industry.

High processing speeds and deterministic response times ensure short machine cycle times on high-speed machines in the manufacturing industry.


SIMATIC S7 – 1200: Flexibility and high efficiency without any effort

The controller SIMATIC S7-1200 is extremely flexible, scalable and seamlessly integrated into the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) architecture. As a result, it works perfectly together with HMI, I/O, drives and software.

TIA Portal Basic has task-oriented, intelligent and intuitive editors that enable it to serve as one common engineering framework for the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller and SIMATIC HMI Basic Panel; which will help you to achieve many engineering efficiencies in your daily work giving you a competitive advantage.

Compact automation solutions also require scalability and flexibility, and this is achieved for your application through the integrated PROFINET interface on the controller S7-1200 for programming, HMI connections, distributed I/O’s and distributed drive architectures.



The SIMATIC S7-1500 controller family with the high-end CPU 1518 is the new generation of controllers in the TIA Portal and marks a milestone in automation. It ensures highest efficiency and maximum usability for medium and  high-end applications in machine and system automation:

Your power “plus”:

  • Outstanding system performance for extremely fast response times and highest control quality
  •  Technology integrated for perfect drive integration through motion control functionalities and PROFIdrive
  • Security Integrated – integrated throughout for highest investment protection

Your efficiency “plus”:

  • Innovative design and ease of handling for easiest possible use and commissioning as well as safe operation
  • Integrated system diagnostics for full transparency of the plant status, automatically generated and consistently displayed
  • TIA Portal for maximum engineering efficiency to reduce project costs