Personal Protective Equipment


Industrial Control has developed a strong relationship with manufacturers in UK and Norway to provide best in class personal protective equipment for Oil & Gas Industri, Manufacturing, petrochemical, food industry and many other areas. Find below a list of PPE available from our stock for immediate delivery:

  1. Air Respirators
  2. Anchor Straps
  3. Barricade Tape & Signage
  4. Body Protection Equipment
  5. Disposable Respirators
  6. Emergency Eye – Wash
  7. Emergency Survival Packs
  8. Escape Systems for the Offshore Industry
  9. Fire and Explosion Proof Doors for Offshore Platforms and Ships
  10. Fire Extinguishers
  11. First Aid Kits
  12. Gas and Safety Monitoring and Control
  13. H2S gas detectors
  14. H2S gas escape sets
  15. Head Protection
  16. Knee, Wrist Elbow Supports
  17. Life Saving Equipment and General Maritime Equipment
  18. Nitrogen Gas Purging
  19. Oxygen Therapy Equipment
  20. Personal Fall Protection Equipment
  21. Portable Multi-Gas Detector
  22. Protective Clothing
  23. Rubber Work Boots
  24. Safety & Security Mirrors
  25. Safety Eyewear
  26. Safety Visors with Windows
  27. Solutions and Techniques for Work-At-Height and Difficult-Access Rescue
  28. Standard Gas Detection
  29. Survival Suits, Re-Breather Systems and Other Survival Products
  30. Technical Safety Equipment for Hazardous Working Environments
  31. Worker Safety Solutions

Please note that this is small assortment of the products. We can supply various other items which may not feature in this list. If you are looking for a specific item & not featuring in this list, please contact us with your requirement